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Environmental policy.
Our principles.

Taking care of the health and safety of our employees and the general public, as well as protecting the environment, is an essential component of our general corporate policy. We undertake the following voluntary commitments in order to focus our corporate activities on the protection of health, safety and the environment with the aim of making continuous improvements.

Fulfilment of statutory requirements /
mandatory commitments

We conduct our business in compliance with all legal requirements relating to health and safety, occupational health and environmental matters, organised and supported by managers and senior executives. Managers provide the resources necessary to achieve our objectives.

Training and education

We train, instruct and inform our employees in order to promote positive attitudes and working practices in terms of health, occupational safety and the environment.

Minimising our impact on the environment

We strive to systematically reduce emissions and waste and to improve our environmental outcomes. We regularly monitor our business and assess the impact of any new developments.

Health protection and occupational safety

We take steps to ensure that our business operations do not have a negative impact on the health of our employees and the general public. We prevent accidents and actively promote high standards to protect health and ensure occupational safety.

Management and senior executives undertake to ensure that
the company’s business operations align with this policy statement.