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Room controller.
Elegant glass design with innovative ease of operation

Intelligent room automation is half the battle when it comes to creating extremely comfortable energy-efficient buildings. When rooms are not in use, the operation and performance of building services plants and their associated energy consumption can be adjusted automatically without any user input. The room controllers in Neuberger’s building automation system ensure that the indoor climate and additionalroom functions such as shading, lighting and media equipment are controlled individually for each room on the basis of what is needed.

A room controller.
For a host of functions.

Neuberger’s fully programmable, universal room controllers ensure comfortable room conditions with minimal energy consumption. They can be used as fan coil controllers for 3-stage fan convectors (heating/ventilation/cooling), chilled ceiling controllers with dew point monitoring, and radiator controllers. Only one operator unit is required per room as essential room functions can be integrated in addition to the primary plants. Clear text and function buttons make for extremely intuitive operation.

Neuberger room controllers supply heating or air conditioning to suit all requirements:

  • Comfortable temperature when the room is occupied
  • Reduced temperature during brief absence (standby)
  • Minimum temperature during long absence

Wide range of energy saving functions

  • Optimum power-up
    The time at which the heating process starts is constantly recalculated to ensure that the preferred room temperature is reached at just the right time. The self-learning heating curve takes the room’s specific ambient conditions into account, as the room temperature at the start of heating and the last heating time are used for the calculation.
  • Window monitoring
    The energy supply is shut off when a window is open, but the potential risk of frost is taken into account.
  • Demand request sent to generator
    Message to the higher-level BMS (building management system) if no heating or cooling energy is required for the room. This also allows energy generation to be controlled according to demand by phased deactivation of the heaters or chiller unit. Savings can even be made during energy transportation by switching off the pump.

Room controller.
At a glance.

  • Compact room controller with innovative user convenience
  • Modern design and simple operating concept
  • For heating, cooling, shading, lighting and much more.
  • Freely configurable (customised control and operating unit design)
  • Bus communication not tied to single manufacturer
  • Backlit display
  • Up to 8 integrated sensor buttons
  • Flush-mounted with fully enclosed glass front
  • Customer or project-specific labelling and design available

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We are more than happy to provide information about our universal room controllers.

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