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PMC2 – 4000 series
Modular automation system with integrated local priority operating level

The PMC2 – 4000 series programmable logic controller is a modular, expandable and communicative programmable logic controller with a web interface and long-term event archive that is accurate to the second. The fully modular and freely programmable software design means the programmable logic controller can be used flexibly in all areas of building automation. It is also suitable for use in clean room and pharmaceutical environments due to the hotplug capability of the I/O modules.

Profile of PMC2 – 4000 series (PDF, DE)

System description
PMC2 – 4000 series

  • 19” individual rack.
  • Modules without manual switches are also available for the mounting rail assembly for installation in a control cabinet or distributor.
  • 19” module, all combinations possible.
  • Modules can be positioned remotely at a distance of up to 300 m (inside a building).
  • All modules are hotplug-capable and can be connected and disconnected while the device is in operation.
  • Information points can be labelled flexibly and easily on all assemblies.

Peripheral modules are intelligent so continue to operate autonomously even when disconnected from the CPU module:

  • The last plant state is maintained and the module continues to regulate.
  • Alarms and operating messages are still output.
  • Communication between modules remains active.

PMC2 4000 series control modules are also available with a LO/ID (local override/indication device) 0-10 V / 0-20 mA for the control input and bar graph display.

  • Option to intervene at any time via LO/ID using a control switch for the drives and adjustment knob for the valves.
  • Forced control inputs for hardware locking (e.g. if there is a risk of frost).

CPU module with integrated web server:

  • Powerful CPU module (256MB NAND flash ROM) with a memory expansion of 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM
  • The application program is stored in the flash memory, where it cannot be affected by power outages.
  • One CPU module for all expansion stages: Up to 63 modules and 32 I/O points per module. The CPU can also still be used for expansions up to the maximum capacity.
  • Event archive that is accurate to the second for measurement values, counter values and events (operation/fault/alarm). Long-term archiving of up to 1023 channels.

Open architecture and upgradable interfaces:

  • BACnet, PROFIBUS, LON, modem, ISDN
  • Interfaces to the field level via EIB, M-Bus, MODBUS, RK512, eBUS, etc.
  • USB for CP4000 programming device: Serial RS232 interface for modem (up to 115 kBit/s).
  • SD card slot for program and archive data backup.
  • Self-monitoring with watchdog and collective fault message.

Operator units:

  • User interface for the PMC2 programmable logic controller to display states and perform user interventions.
  • Creates a visual display of the integrated archive and continuously shows trends.
  • Provides access to the schedule channels.
  • The message ticker displays all current faults and events.
  • Unique user identification for secure access control.
  • Can be operated on the control cabinet or at a maximum distance of 300 m.
  • Data cable ensures that one operator unit serves multiple programmable logic controllers.

WinCAD parameterisation software:

  • Online test with superimposed live values.
  • Quick overview of the controller structure and parametrisation on-site or from the master computer.
  • Extensive icon and macro library for editing.
  • Freely programmable and easily configurable using WinPMC.

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