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Working together systematically.
Our policies.

The seemingly endless changes in the economy, technology, the world of work and ecology require us to react flexibly to developments and to offer and supply appropriate products and services to you, our customers.

We rise to these challenges by setting well-defined objectives and principles in all areas of the company. Our customers’ requirements as regards quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, technology, availability and services are front and center of the development, production and quality assurance processes applied to our products.

Every project is focussed on delivering premium results and unparalleled quality to our customers. At Neuberger, we don’t just pay lip service to the issue of sustainability – it is central to our approach. As a matter of course, we offer a lifelong and unlimited supply of spare parts and we use resources in a sustainable, environmentally sound and appropriate way.

To keep up to speed in all areas of our business, we firmly believe in providing internal and external training to further our employees’ professional development. The values of respect, tolerance, honesty and reliability permeate our dealings with each other and are the basis for the successful partnerships we enjoy with our customers.

Corporate compliance.
At Neuberger.

Respect means respecting employees, customers and business partners as human beings. We treat each other with respect, tolerance and equality, and we expect the same from our customers and business partners in return. We truly believe in diversity. Honesty, reliability and trust are the most important qualities in dealing with each other so that we can enjoy shared success and continue to grow. Everyone at Neuberger adheres to this code of conduct every day and we have included these core values of our corporate philosophy in a handbook.

Guideline (DE) 

" Respect, tolerance, equality and diversity are integral values of our corporate ethos. "

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Lenkner, Managing Director