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From analysis to after-sales.
A safe pair of hands.

Neuberger offers the complete package of automation services for process engineering plants: Project planning, development and production of software and hardware components in-house, installation, commissioning and servicing by our own teams, and an unlimited spare parts supply within 24 hours. You have one point of contact and can draw on our in-depth expertise in automation, instrumentation and control technology and building services engineering.

Process engineering by Neuberger:
6 good reasons

  1. Continuous automation
  2. PCS and BMS neutral
  3. Compliant with FDA and GMP
  4. Maximum operational safety
  5. Lifetime spare parts guarantee
  6. Working with Neuberger 360°

Automation solutions.
For process technology.

Process automation is familiar territory for an established building automation specialist like Neuberger. Both forms of automation require measurement, regulation, control and monitoring. In both cases, we use technology to manage complex connections and create a visual display of system states. We also increase process reliability, efficiency, speed, sustainability and safety.

One of our specialist areas in process technology is the monitoring and automation of process engineering production plants. Another of our core topics is water, including water treatment in sewage plants, the automation of swimming pool technology and the control and monitoring of all process data in water production and supply. And last but not least, thanks to our broad experience in the automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plants and clean room technology, we are the ideal partner when it comes to controlling and monitoring refrigeration and storage facilities. Our customers come from sectors as diverse as the pharmaceutical industry, breweries, the food industry, swimming pools, waterworks, sewage treatment plants and research institutes. Take a look at our Reference projects for more information.

  • Process engineering

    Swimming pools, ultrapure water, sewage treatment works, manufacturing facilities, breweries

  • Control and regulation

    Control cabinets and electrotechnology, programmable logic controllers, sensors and actuators

  • Process management

    Event and alarm management, visual displays of plants, batch and recipe management, evaluations and reports, energy management

  • After-sales

    Hotline and support, maintenance, training

Process control engineering.
With process automation.

Why we are a market leader: Many suppliers specialise in process control systems, others in hardware components for automation. Neuberger develops its control technology and programmable logic controllers and energy management systems in-house. If required, building services plants can also be integrated into a project. As a customer, you receive an integrated system and only have to deal with a single point of contact.

Neuberger’s process control system is based on the software components of the ProGrafNT building management system software. This tamper-resistant software complies with GMP regulations and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 so can be used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics. Its capabilities include intuitive operation, a visual display of all integrated plants, full documentation of all significant values, and graph-based processing of control parameters and schedules. Needless to say, the process control technology features batch and recipe management alongside comprehensive event, alarm, documentation and reporting functions.

Our modular, freely configurable programmable logic controllers (with an integrated web server option) for configuring, observing, operating, monitoring and acknowledging functions create a link between the process control technology and the associated sensors, actuators, measuring points, control and regulation technology.

Neuberger’s unique selling point: We develop and manufacture programmable logic controllers with an unlimited supply of spare parts, and we provide unlimited updates for ProGrafNT, our building management and process control system.

Your main contact.

You need a complete solution for automating and visualization of your processes? We look forward to hearing from you.

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