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On your marks.
Get set. Find a job!

You want to apply for a job at Neuberger and are wondering how the application process works? You’ve come to the right place! We talk you through our application process so you know exactly what to expect before you apply and so that you can prepare to the best of your ability. We have also compiled a few tips for a successful application at the bottom of the page.

Step 1:
Your application

Our HR department receives many hundreds of applications every year. Making a good first impression with your application is vital in getting through to the next round.

Step 2:
Confirmation of receipt

We send confirmation of receipt as soon as we receive your application. At this stage, we have to ask you to bear with us. Our HR department takes a while to review all the applications it receives. We promise we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 3:
Review and screening

To get an initial impression of you during screening, we compare your application with the job profile. Speculative applications will also be considered at this stage. This normally takes 2-4 weeks because staff from the technical departments are also usually involved in the decision-making process. Neuberger Gebäudeautomation promises one thing: we will always send you a response once the selection process has been completed.

Step 4:

If your application attracts our interest, your name is added to the shortlist. We arrange an interview to get to know you and find out more about your background. You also have the opportunity to find out more about the role you have applied for and our company. Depending on the type of role, the interview will be held either in person, by phone or online. We may invite you to further interviews, during which we can get to know each other better and you can meet other managers and colleagues for the first time. We invite candidates who have applied for an apprenticeship or the degree programme with integrated training to attend an afternoon event for applicants.

Step 5:
Contractual information

You’ve done it! You’ve impressed us with your personality. We will contact you by telephone to discuss details including the initial contractual conditions. We will then send you a contractual offer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Once we have cleared up any last questions and you have accepted our offer, the next step is to start your first day at Neuberger.

If your application is rejected, it doesn’t mean you won’t be suitable for another role with us at a later date. We would encourage you to apply again in future. We always have new vacancies.

Step 6:
Welcome to Neuberger

We bid you a warm welcome to the Neuberger family and look forward to helping you to get started in your new role. A comprehensive induction program awaits you during your first weeks with the company. You will make initial contacts, familiarise yourself with your department and immerse yourself in our corporate culture.

Handy tips

Win us over with your cover letter by telling us in your own words why you are applying, what sets you apart from your rivals and why Neuberger is the right employer for you. Don’t just tell us about your professional expertise and prior experience – let your personality shine through. We are really keen to know about the person behind the application, in addition to your skillset.

If you follow this tip, you’ll be one step closer to a job interview.

Please make sure you send us only complete application documents with a strong cover letter and a CV in table format. Ideally, you should provide evidence of your experience with employment references and degree certificates as well as proof of any additional qualifications. You can submit your application by email, by post or preferably via our application portal.

Even in the age of email applications, make sure that your application documents look good and meet the accepted formal criteria. Take care with the composition and layout of the cover letter and CV – just as you would with a printed application sent in a high-quality folder.

Not every job requires you to be articulate, but do make sure your spelling and grammar are correct when submitting an application. If in doubt, ask someone you trust to proofread the documents again.

Include your personal information such as forename, surname, address, telephone number and email address in a clear position on the cover letter and CV. Please indicate the role for which you are applying in the subject line of the email and cover letter. We also need to know your earliest possible starting date if the position is to be filled urgently.

We review your documents carefully to prepare for the interview. Make sure you prepare well too. Allow sufficient time for a relaxed journey here. Lok through your application documents again in your own time shortly before the interview. Find out more about our company, maybe by browsing through our website. Prepare any questions you would like to ask us.

We want to chat to you and get to know you as a person, as well as finding out more about your professional and personal skills. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not – we want to know the real you. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask us questions too. Let your energy and your personality shine through. This will help us to find out if we are a good fit for each other. We look forward to chatting with you.

Work-life balance

We have compiled a list of the benefits and perks we offer on this page.


This page contains answers to the most common questions about applications, apprenticeships, internships and studies at Neuberger.

Job offers

We are always looking for people who want to join Neuberger and are willing to evolve with us as we continue to grow.