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ProGrafNT is Neuberger’s intuitive integrated management system for monitoring, operating and creating a visual display of building services plants of any size. All the bus systems we use are open, so they bring a high degree of flexibility when creating a visual display of a wide range of plants. Operators and facility management always know exactly what is going on thanks to the graphic display, multiple evaluation options and comprehensive logging of all automation levels. The system is infinitely scalable and can be tailored precisely to buildings and properties.

ProGrafNT also meets the strict requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and can therefore also be used as a GMP monitoring system in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11. The secure user administration and extensive audit trail mean it is also suitable for use in clean room environments, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory technology and even data centers.

Further information (PDF, EN)

ProGrafNT from Neuberger:
6 good reasons

  1. Neutral building management system
  2. Open communication
  3. Intuitive operating concept
  4. Maximum operational reliability
  5. Comprehensive software options
  6. Working with Neuberger 360°

Monitoring, operation, visual display.

By choosing ProGrafNT, you are opting for a control and management system developed in-house by Neuberger. The BMS system communicates via open standards such as BACnet/IP, PROFIBUS FMS, ModBus, LON, OPC, KNX and many more. An intuitive, user-friendly and plant-focused concept with free tools and no limit on information points is used to operate the system and create visual displays. ProGrafNT stores all information points in the event archive and displays events and trends clearly. The integrated event and alarm system with extensive reporting functions and audit trail reliably transmits events, faults and state messages from the plant to the operator. An integrated web server for operating all plants using standard web browsers is available as an optional extra.

ProGrafNT gives you a free choice of system architecture. Whether in a virtual environment, open structure with multiservers or standard hierarchical networking with Management GLTs and subservers – data from the building automation systems is readily available and secure at all times.

Further details and technical information (PDF, DE)

The main functions of the building management system (BMS) ProGrafNT

  • Universal building management system with open interfaces such as BACnet/IP, Profibus FMS, ModBus, OPC, KNX, etc.
  • It can also be used as a monitoring system for validation and qualification according to GMP guidelines
  • Straightforward integration of external and higher-level systems
  • Intuitive operating concept with primary focus on the plant
  • Licensing model with no limit on information points
  • Straightforward transfer of process and configuration data during software updates ensures that the system will be upgradable in the future
  • Historical database and trend display with extensive event archive, report functions and graph-based illustrations
  • Event and alarm management with evaluation and report function, state messages, news ticker, fault message transmission and alarm triggering
  • “Ready for Management GLT” – free choice of system architecture
  • High security standard ensures data protection
  • Software options for energy management, control based on weather data, and access management

Active energy management.

Neuberger’s ProEnergie energy management system is used in universities, schools, public buildings, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, industrial companies and research institutes. The ProEnergie software option provides energy managers and building operators with a powerful tool for creating a visual display, recording, monitoring and optimising energy consumption in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. ProEnergie can be used to evaluate energy consumption and document it in the form of energy reports. By opting for ProEnergie, you are choosing a software option that is classified as eligible for funding by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Green Buildings – using ProEnergie ensures eligibility for building certification according to LEED/DGNB.

Further details and technical information (PDF, EN)

Predictive regulation and control.

Weather and climatic conditions affect the conditions and energy consumption in buildings and can actually increase energy requirements, depending on the extent of their impact. Neuberger’s ProWetter software option counteracts this extremely efficiently by integrating public weather forecast data into the plants’ future control strategies. The resulting energy savings both reduce energy costs and also ensure sustainable operation without any detrimental effect on room comfort. ProWetter by Neuberger can be used for every type of building by setting customised procedures.

Further details and technical information (PDF, DE)

Access management that suits your needs.

Efficient and secure access management is vitally important for high-security areas such as clean rooms, laboratories, development departments, data centers and the offices of board members and senior executives. ProZutritt, which is available as a software option for ProGrafNT, provides the perfect solution. ProZutritt, an access management system with integrated user administration, can handle up to 4,000 users. It can also be used to create and link groups, access points and access areas. Our ProZutritt software provides access management that suits your needs.

Further details and technical information (PDF, DE)

" We are always working to develop and improve ProGrafNT. This ensures high system availability during operation. "

Gabriel Gluhak, Building Management System Plant Software

Your contact.

Do you have questions about the ProGrafNT building management system or Neuberger’s software options?

Feel free to contact us. We have installed our integrated management system in a wide range of customer projects.

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