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Demand-driven, economical, sustainable.

As one of the leading all-round building automation and building management providers, we also supply efficient, energy-saving and future-proof room automation solutions. Intelligent automation is used to create flexible room concepts, maximum energy efficiency and comfort for green buildings, smart buildings, hotels, universities, hospitals, factories and administration blocks. The benefits of choosing Neuberger: We not only develop and produce hardware components such as controllers and room operator units in-house, we are also there for you all the way from planning and project engineering to commissioning and after-sales service.

Room automation by Neuberger:
6 good reasons

  1. Modular, decentralised concept
  2. Space-saving and simple installation
  3. Intuitive and versatile operating concepts
  4. Open protocols such as BACnet, KNX, SMI, MQTT
  5. Maximum energy efficiency
  6. Working with Neuberger 360°

Integrated room automation.
Exploiting synergies.

Temperature and fresh air are regulated automatically depending on air quality, room occupancy and capacity.

If the room is empty, control of room climate, lighting, shading and media equipment switches from comfort to standby mode.

On – Off – Dimming: The strength of the room lighting is based on the room occupancy and brightness.

Integration of media and conference equipment into room and building automation.

The selective, sensor-controlled regulation of the relative humidity in the room has a positive impact on comfort and health.

Controlling a room’s heating and cooling supply minimises energy demands on primary systems and maximises comfort.

Energy optimisation
starts in the room.

Locations where wellbeing, comfort, creativity and performance depend largely on indoor climate, a supply of daylight and easy access to IT systems are exactly the sort of locations where efficient energy use can be fine-tuned. Neuberger Gebäudeautomation’s intelligent room automation system takes care of this, leaving the room user to concentrate on their work. Sensors, actuators and decentralised programmable logic controllers maintain a constant balance between energy efficiency and personal preference in terms of room temperature, light incidence, lighting color control and air quality.

Neuberger’s Open.Room automation system integrates control and regulation of perennial functions such as heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and sun protection and incorporates information systems such as media equipment and access systems. Users, facility managers and service companies can utilise the full range of modern controls for operation and configuration, including room operator units, dashboards, apps, touch panels and master computers. As a unique benefit, Neuberger offers an unlimited supply of spare parts for programmable logic controllers and room automation controllers.

More about Open.Room, our room automation system.

  • Individual solutions

    Analysis, planning and project engineering – a single point of contact during all project phases

  • Development

    In-house development of hardware and software, ongoing product development

  • Manufacturing and production

    In-house manufacturing of switchboards and electronic assemblies

  • Quality assurance

    In-house test department – 100% testing of all switchboards. Quality and environmental management according to DIN ISO standards

  • Installation and commissioning

    By more than 170 qualified and regularly trained specialists

  • Training

    In-house training courses, external and on-site customer training, regular seminars, own training center

  • Full service

    Maintenance, 24/7 service, comprehensive service network, personal support through qualified staff

  • Full product support

    Unlimited spare parts, 24/7 service, maintenance

What we understand by
sustainable room automation?

Digitalisation will play a key role in the buildings of the future on several levels. Companies are changing as employees now work in a more mobile way, which means that rooms, IT networks and infrastructure have to be flexible. Energy consumption in buildings must be drastically reduced to achieve political and corporate climate targets. This can be achieved through innovations on the plant side and in building and room automation. Here, as everywhere, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Integrated control and regulation between buildings requires that all changes in the status of parameters and their interactions with each other have to be taken into account.

Let’s take the indoor climate as an example. It is influenced by temperature, humidity, air quality, air movement, room capacity, radiated heat from computers, open windows, sunlight, blind positions and time of day. Only since the development of digital sensors that measure these states and communicate them to the programmable logic controllers have we been able to use intelligent algorithms to unleash the full energy-saving potential.

Open.Room, Neuberger’s room automation system, collects data from all installed sensors and actuators and uses the MQTT interface to transfer them to higher-level systems or to the cloud, where they can be further processed for AI applications such as predictive maintenance and innovative operating concepts using augmented reality. Self-learning systems for room and building automation are the next logical step in this process. Watch this space!

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