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Convenient, safe, energy-efficient.
All from a single source.

Neuberger Gebäudeautomation supplies a complete package of services in building automation, building control, instrumentation and control engineering, building management systems and energy management. The benefits of choosing Neuberger: We offer a single point of contact, whether you are a planner, operator or company. This is because we are a manufacturer and developer of products, components and software for building automation, but we are also a project manager, project planner, programmer, system integrator and installer all rolled into one.

Building automation by Neuberger:
6 good reasons

  1. Innovative automation systems
  2. Manufacturer neutral BMS
  3. Open, flexible and sustainable
  4. In-house production
  5. Lifetime spare parts guarantee
  6. Working with Neuberger 360°

Integrated building automation.
Focus on benefits.

Neuberger Gebäudeautomation develops intelligent, networked solutions for added value, energy efficiency, comfort and safety. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning account for the lion’s share of energy consumption in a building by some margin. This is why our building automation solutions focus on energy-efficient regulation, control, visualisation and monitoring of HVAC plants.

In addition to resource-saving operation, the other main aims of building automation are to ensure comfort and safety. We integrate the sensors, actuators and controls of fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, access control, distributed generation plants, lighting, shading, lift systems and media equipment using all common industry interfaces and protocols. Connection to higher-level facility and building management systems is also possible. The main benefit of choosing Neuberger: We develop and manufacture programmable logic controllers and other controllers for which we guarantee an unlimited supply of spare parts, and we supply unlimited updates for our building control technology and energy management software. In addition, the building data is recorded in full and made available to users via the building management system.

Solutions for the future.
For room automation.

Neuberger building automation integrates the control and regulation of all room functions such as lighting, shading, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, media equipment and security in a single open room automation system that can be expanded to multiple buildings using modules. Our flexible and intuitive solutions significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption and operating costs. Above all, however, they optimise room comfort and promote a pleasant, healthy and uplifting working environment. The main benefits of choosing Neuberger: We develop and manufacture room automation products for which we guarantee an unlimited supply of spare parts.


More about our room automation services.

  • Individual solutions

    Analysis, planning and project engineering – a single point of contact during all project phases

  • Development

    In-house development of hardware and software, ongoing product development

  • Manufacturing and production

    In-house manufacturing of switchboards and electronic assemblies

  • Quality assurance

    In-house test department – 100% testing of all switchboards. Quality and environmental management according to DIN ISO standards

  • Installation and commissioning

    By more than 170 qualified and regularly trained specialists

  • Training

    In-house training courses, external and on-site customer training, regular seminars, own training center

  • Full service

    Maintenance, 24/7 service, comprehensive service network, personal support through qualified staff

  • Full product support

    Unlimited spare parts, 24/7 service, maintenance

What we understand by
Smart building automation?

The automation of plants in buildings is a complex area that is constantly changing due to innovations and the options afforded by digitalisation and the Internet of Things.

Smart buildings are the vision of a working and living environment designed solely with user comfort and safety in mind. Sensors provide feedback on weather, room occupancy, movement, humidity, air quality and climate. Smart technology then reacts automatically to adjust daylight, room comfort and media availability to suit the particular conditions.

However, smart buildings also pose major challenges for operators, planners and system integrators. They require collection, management and documentation of hundreds of thousands of information points, ever-growing quantities of sensors and actuators, changing uses of space and increasingly decentralised intelligence.

Neuberger’s software is manufacturer-independent to give companies and operators maximum security in their investment decision. Our programmable logic controllers, controllers and operator units offer maximum flexibility and modularity for the future as they can be used with multiple systems. One basic set of principles governs all our products and solutions. We aim to reduce the number of interfaces and ensure ease of operation, programming, parameterisation and installation without any downtime.

Your main contact.

Do you need bespoke building automation solutions? We look forward to hearing from you.

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