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Designed with the future in mind.
Room automation for smart, green buildings.

The freely programmable Open.Room is the only room automation system of its kind on the market. It integrates all room automation functions – from lighting to shading, room air conditioning to media equipment.

Neuberger Open.Room is also the ideal system for Green Buildings and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) certification. It fulfils GA Efficiency Class A according to DIN EN 15232 and is compatible with room automation planning as per VDI guideline 3813 and the new VDI 3814 series of guidelines. And to cap it all, Neuberger provides a wealth of expertise in consultancy and project engineering. All from a single source.

Information about the room automation system (PDF, EN)

Room automation system by Neuberger:
6 good reasons

  1. Integrated solutions for multiple buildings
  2. Future-oriented and modular concept
  3. Controller, programming and commissioning from a single source
  4. Flexible, upgradable and intelligent
  5. Unlimited spare parts guarantee
  6. Working with Neuberger 360°

Future-proof, flexible and intelligent room automation.

Neuberger’s Open.Room is designed with the requirements of modern, forward-looking room automation firmly in mind. The integrated functions reduce hardware, material, installation and commissioning costs and provide premium comfort and energy efficiency. To save space, Open.Room can be installed on mounting rails in the control cabinet or on ceiling and floor distributors. Open.Room is hotplug capable, i.e. you can replace modules or expand the system during operation without shutting it down. The CPU module has an open BACnet/IP interface and a web server. Multiple modules are available for digital and analog inputs and outputs. The relevant modules are also available for interfaces including DALI, SMI, EnOcean, KNX, Modbus RTU, MQTT.

Open.Room is fully compatible with the ProGrafNT building management system and has an open BACnet/IP interface in accordance with AMEV and BIG-EU specifications. Our hardware and complete room automation system can be used in the control and regulation of complex premises such as office and administration buildings, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels and residential buildings.

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Flexible, simple, quick and convenient room configuration.

Our RoomDesigner software provides maximum flexibility and intuitive use for operators and facility managers. You can modify the function and utilisation with a single click as the graphical user interface lets you move and combine room segments without any programming knowledge. The room layout is automatically updated in the Open.Room room automation system quickly and easily, and without modifying electrical or HVAC installations. Time-consuming and expensive rewiring is a thing of the past. Room usage can be modified effectively during operation without shutting down the system.

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Programming made easy.

Our PMC-Studio programming software is used to write the user program and parameterise the information points. The tool makes use of extensive libraries with function modules. The programs for the various lighting, blind control, room air conditioning functions etc. are created in no time and stored in the room’s programmable logic controller. The interface allows the program to be displayed in graphic or text mode. Graphic mode is for fast, efficient work while text mode is for programming specific customer requirements.

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The main functions of our room automation system Open.Room.

  • Integrated system from a single source
  • Modular room controller with flexible expansion options
  • Open and flexible operation, suitable for a wide range of room operator units and designs
  • Connection to building management system via BACnet/IP
  • Flexible, graph-based room control programming
  • Room layout with automatic adjustment of controller programming
  • Open communication interfaces such as DALI, SMI, KNX, EnOcean, MQTT, etc.
  • Integrated web server with TLS encryption and firewall
  • Performs all room functions according to VDI 3813-2 and VDI 3814
  • Compliance with GA efficiency class A according to EN 15252 makes it the ideal basis for LEED/DGNB building certification

Room control panels

The new room control panels type RP/RC8100 are particularly characterized by their modern design as well as their innovative technology. Thanks to an extremely flexible operating and visualization concept, the panels can be used either as a pure room panel (RP8100) or as a stand-alone room controller (RC8100). Graphics, visualizations and texts are displayed particularly sharply and clearly thanks to a high-resolution, 5" color display. Operation is intuitive via fingertip (touch). Dynamic display illumination ensures energy-efficient operation, even in standby mode.

Room control panels

Room controller.
Elegant glass design with innovative ease of operation

Intelligent room automation is half the battle when it comes to creating extremely comfortable energy-efficient buildings. When rooms are not in use, the operation and performance of building services plants and their associated energy consumption can be adjusted automatically without any user input. The room controllers in Neuberger’s building automation system ensure that the indoor climate and additionalroom functions such as shading, lighting and media equipment are controlled individually for each room on the basis of what is needed.

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We have installed our room automation system in a wide range of customer projects.

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