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To suit all requirements.

Neuberger offers customers from the pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, laboratory, pharmacy, food industry, medical technology, semiconductor technology and electronics sectors a comprehensive service portfolio for clean room technology. GMP monitoring systems, airlock controls, access control systems and clean room terminals are developed entirely in-house and complemented by services such as mapping, plant qualification and calibration.

In this complete system, our clean room terminals act as powerful operating and visual display units used primarily in clean rooms and laboratories. They can display current measurement data relating to room conditions, process values and alarm messages and enable operators to make quick decisions on-site. Each panel can be customised to suit individual requirements.

Information about clean room terminals (PDF, DE)           Information about access control with palm vein scanner (PDF, DE)

Clean room terminals from Neuberger:
6 good reasons

  1. Integration across multiple buildings
  2. Measuring, operating and visualising
  3. Freely configurable
  4. Suitable for cleaning
  5. Extremely hygienic
  6. Working with Neuberger 360°

For every application.

Neuberger clean room terminals offer a range of options for operation and visualisation. Screens and operator displays are available in different sizes and with an optional touch function. Highly accurate digital and analog sensors record room parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and particles. As a tamper-resistant access control system, Neuberger offers solutions with state-of-the-art technology such as identification by palm vein scanner, RFID or push-buttons and sensor buttons.

Airlock control, light, disinfection and an emergency open button can be combined as required to suit the particular application. The screwless terminal fronts make them ideal for flush mounting, especially in clean room walls. The connection to the BMS system is simply via Ethernet/IP interface, which also facilitates the integration of monitoring, airlock control as well as process and building automation.

The functions of Neuberger’s clean room terminals in detail

  • Display, measure and monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and particles
  • Operation via freely configurable buttons (sensor buttons, push-buttons, RFID, etc.)
  • Integrated, graphic color display with individual representation of colors, sizes and backgrounds – with optional interactive multi-touch display
  • Screwless surfaces made of glass or stainless steel are very easy to clean, which promotes excellent hygiene
  • Flexible layout of all measured and process values, and alarm and status messages can be shown on the display
  • Acoustic signal and/or highlighted dynamic change in the display in the event of faults, warnings or limit value violations
  • Simple calibration of measuring devices in the installed state
  • Safety functions such as contactless access control, door control with emergency operation, disinfection with visual signalling, lighting control of multiple zones, etc.
  • Communication with monitoring system, process and building automation via Ethernet/IP
  • Secure archiving of all states and messages
  • Bespoke solutions to suit project and customer requirements
  • Product portfolio includes measurement terminals, airlock terminals and control terminals

Please see our brochure for further details and technical data

Brochure (PDF, DE)

" We have absolute flexibility in terms of the function, size and design of our bespoke clean room terminals. This means they can be used in a wide range of applications and scenarios. "

Jochen Dreschner, Key Account Manager, Pharma

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