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Frequently asked questions

If you’re thinking of applying for a job at Neuberger, it’s likely that you have lots of questions. We have put together a list of essential answers.

Application FAQs

The job ads are updated regularly. All positions advertised in our careers section are always vacant.
We look forward to receiving your application!

The easiest way is to apply online via our applicant portal. We provide a link to the portal for each vacant position.
Of course you can also apply by email or good old-fashioned post.

Whether you apply by online form, email or post, please ensure that your application contains the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Copies of your most recent work references and/or degree certificates

. We are also happy to receive an application photo.

When applying online, please note the permitted file formats and the maximum permissible file size of your documents.

We always welcome speculative applications. Ideally you should give us your consent to add you to our applicant pool. If you don’t, we will delete your details six months after receipt of your application for reasons of data protection.

No, calling us won’t have any influence on our decision.

We send confirmation of receipt as soon as we receive your application. We then need some time to review your documents and consult the relevant technical departments. You can find more details on the application process page.

You are more than welcome to apply again if you have previously been unsuccessful. Candidates can be rejected for a variety of reasons, so it is possible you might be just the right person for the job or another role at a later date. Don’t give up! We are always happy to receive your application.

Once we receive your application documents, your data is processed in our applicant management system. We guarantee that the collection, processing and use of your data will comply with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

Only the relevant HR managers and technical departments can access your data. The technical department will no longer have access to your data once the application process has been completed. If you don’t end up working for us, we will delete your details from our applicant management system after six months.

Neuberger provides staff with a substantial benefits package. You can find more details on the work-life balance page.

The recruiter’s contact details are listed with each job advertisement. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

For general queries and any questions relating to applications that are not covered in our FAQs or in the job advertisement, please contact

Apprenticeship FAQs

We currently offer training in the following professions:

  • Apprenticeship as an industrial clerk (male/female/diverse)
  • IT specialist for system integration (male/female/diverse)
  • Electronics engineer for automation technology (male/female/diverse)
  • Electrical system fitter (male/female/diverse)
  • Dual study program in electrical engineering and information technology
    Electronics engineer for automation technology (male/female/diverse)

The application phase begins approximately one year before the apprenticeship starts. So you should apply about 12 months before the start of your apprenticeship.

We welcome our new apprentices on 1 August each year.

A secondary school leaving certificate or Mittlere Reife school-leaving certificate is preferred for an apprenticeship as an electrical system fitter (male/female/diverse).

A Mittlere Reife school-leaving certificate is the minimum requirement for all other apprenticeships.
We are also happy to offer apprenticeships to candidates who have passed their Abitur or Fachabitur school-leaving examinations.

The dual study program requires an Abitur or Fachabitur (ideally of a technical nature).

IT specialists, industrial clerks and electrical system fitters study for 3 years.
The apprenticeship for electronics engineers in automation technology lasts for 3.5 years.

We send confirmation of receipt as soon as we receive your application. Out of all the applications we receive, we invite a selection of candidates to an afternoon event for applicants. This is your chance to join us for the afternoon to impress us.

We would like to get to know you in person at our afternoon events for applicants. We welcome you and introduce everyone before setting a group task. This is followed by a test involving general knowledge questions, and then you can tell us all about yourself in a one-on-one interview. The day concludes with a guided tour of our premises. The event usually lasts around 4 hours.

No. Our apprentices learn through their daily work and, depending on the apprenticeship, rotate around technical departments during their training. We have a total of 40 trainers and supervisors who provide a good mix of theory and practice. On-the-job training such as first aid courses and annual training in accident prevention regulations is provided through set courses for each topic.

They are very good as our long-term average recruitment rate is currently over 85%.

In principle, further training opportunities are available for all professions. In terms of technical professions, we offer training courses for the roles of supervisor and/or engineer. In the commercial division, you have the option of training as an industrial clerk and/or a business administrator.

Internship FAQs

We offer internships in the following professions:

  • Apprenticeship as an industrial clerk (male/female/diverse)
  • Electronics engineer for automation technology (male/female/diverse)
  • Electrical system fitter (male/female/diverse)
  • IT specialist for system integration (male/female/diverse)

School work placements usually last for one week. However, the duration can also be set to suit individual requirements.

We give you a flavour of our company and role that interests you. You will rotate around various departments, observe our employees at work and also undertake assignments of your own.

You can complete an internship with us in all school holidays except the Christmas holidays.
We also have positions available during the period when schools require their students to complete compulsory internships.

We need a brief cover letter telling us when and in which department you would like to do your internship. We also like to have a brief CV in table format and a copy of your most recent school report. We are also happy to receive an application photo.

As with our apprenticeships, the earlier the better, because our internships are very popular and places get taken quickly. A good rule of thumb is to apply six months before the start of the internship.

No, we don’t currently offer holiday jobs.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, we will be happy to help and advise you. Please contact:

Jennifer Heilmann
Company organisation and applicant management
Telephone: +49 (0) 9861 402 151

Student FAQs

We offer internships mainly in hardware and/or software development and project management.

As a rule, an internship lasts 3-6 months. However, the duration can also be agreed to suit individual requirements.

Yes. Just get in touch or send us a speculative application. Let us know the topic you have in mind for your final dissertation. We will review your application and get back to you.

No, we don’t currently employ working students.

Job offers

We are always looking for people who want to join Neuberger and are willing to evolve with us as we continue to grow.

Work-life balance

We have compiled a list of the benefits and perks we offer on this page.

Application process

Here you will find all the important information about our application process, the application documents we require and a few tips for making your application successful.