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Manual control and regulation.
For operating your HVAC plants.

It’s always good to have a plan B. In the event that the programmable logic controller fails, manually operated control and regulation devices take over. The manual control modules are mounted in the control cabinet, connected in parallel to the programmable logic controllers with the instrumentation and control components of the technical building equipment plants and operated via rotary switches, push-buttons and potentiometers.

Control and switch modules (ST4xxx and RT4xxx) are available for the newer programmable logic controllers in the PMC2 4000 series. Neuberger supplies manual control modules for all other configurations. Incidentally, the development of control modules for the local priority operating level marked the beginning of Neuberger’s entry into hardware development for building technology in 1978. Before then, the company had only manufactured control cabinets.

Neuberger’s manual control modules:
6 good reasons

  1. Flexible and modular systems
  2. Freely configurable
  3. Practical and user-friendly
  4. Lifetime spare parts guarantee
  5. Years of experience in the industry
  6. Working with Neuberger 360°

Quick to prepare and reliable.
Our manual control modules.

Practical and functional: HS-ECO

The HS-ECO module series is designed as a manual control module for a wide variety of automation systems. Compared to the standard HS modules, it requires only half the installation depth of 80 mm (100 mm incl. clamps) so can be used in shallow panels. It is connected using removable screw terminals. The connections shared by all modules are connected using a 10-core bus cable with pre-assembled connectors, so there is no need to do any wiring. All modules are designed for 24 V AC operation. The digital inputs are also compatible with AC (24V DC is also possible). Fault messages are indicated by a continuous red light. They activate the collective fault on the central module (red flashing LED) and trigger an internal buzzer. This can be switched off with the red acknowledgement button and is only triggered again by a new collective interference signal.

Information about HS-ECO (PDF)

HS-ECO – the compact manual control module at a glance.

  • Central monitoring and collective fault processing
  • 1 to 3-phase manual drive control
  • Status messages
  • Continuous manual drive control
  • Button and signalling modules
  • Measured value display modules
  • Modules labelled with interchangeable plug-in labels
  • Extensive accessories including racks, panel housing, etc.
  • CE tested

" In the 1980s, I used our HS-ECO manual control modules in projects for the first time. Those modules for controlling and regulating plant operation are still going strong today. "

Michael Pfob, System Coordinator

Your main contact.

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