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Neuberger communication module certified according to STANDARD MOTOR INTERFACE guidelines


The CM8420 communication module from the Rothenburg-based specialist for building automation, room automation, clean room and process technology was officially certified on 1 March 2022. This means that all users of the Open.Room room automation system now have access to an officially certified and manufacturer-neutral interface for connecting sunshade and blind controls.

Neuberger developed its own module, the CM8420, for connecting drives with integrated electronic circuitry. It satisfies all the requirements of the STANDARD MOTOR INTERFACE (SMI). The official certification process was also completed recently. Functions that were once impossible, difficult or extremely complex to implement with conventional drives are now a thing of the past. Products from different manufacturers can now be easily combined using the CM8420 communication module in Neuberger’s Open.Room room automation system.

For sustainable and energy-efficient building operation

The standardised bidirectional SMI interface offers numerous benefits and application options thanks to digital communication between the control and the drive. For example, the exact tracking of the sunshade based on the position of the sun enables optimal use of daylight. Sun shading systems can also be precisely aligned and adjusted in relation to the sun’s position using a built-in controller. If SMI products are used in the planning and realisation phase of building projects, they can save installation time, costs and space requirements because, by comparison with conventional methods, a separate operator unit with its own motor connection does not have to be provided for each drive. SMI can be used to connect and commission up to 16 drives using electrical parallel connections.

Automation specialist Neuberger’s CM8420 module is the perfect interface for drives and operator units with 230VAC mains voltage and extra-low voltage 24VDC (LoVo). All sunshade systems can be controlled flexibly and economically, from efficient blind control to individual control of suspended sunshades.

SMI certificate

Neuberger’s CM8420 and CM8420-LoVo modules provide an SMI interface that can be used to connect indoor and outdoor sun shading systems to the building automation system quickly and efficiently.