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Neuberger honours employees celebrating 260 years of service with the company


Honouring long-serving employees has been an established tradition for decades at Neuberger, the Rothenburg-based specialist in automation technology. On 3 December, a total of eight employees were honoured for their many years of loyal service to the company. Neuberger’s management team thanked them for their loyalty and hard work with gifts including miniature gold ingots, vouchers and a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Once again, due to the pandemic, the awards had to be presented at a low-key ceremony rather than during the annual Christmas party. Klaus Lenkner and Friedrich Uhl from Neuberger’s management team invited all participants to the company restaurant at its headquarters on Oberer Kaiserweg. The celebrations took place in strict compliance with the current hygiene and health regulations.

Claudia Uhl (financial accounting), Robert Gögelein (service management), Norbert Krauß (service) and Michael Pfob (system coordinator) can look back on 40 years of faithful service. Silke Ammoneit (HR), Udo Brand (software development for measuring equipment), Stefan Mühlauer (project planning) and Heiko Gerlinger (support) were honoured for 25 years of service.

“Over many decades, you have all contributed to Neuberger’s success story,” said Klaus Lenkner in his speech, in which he reflected on some of each employee’s career highlights. “Your loyalty to the company makes me proud and I would like to thank you sincerely for your many years of service and commitment.” All attendees looked back proudly on what they had achieved and accomplished over the past decades, with one or two anecdotes prompting plenty of laughter. Together, the employees can look back on a total of 260 years of service at Neuberger.

This year’s staff celebrating work anniversaries at Neuberger, from left to right: Claudia Uhl, authorised signatory Friedrich Uhl, Silke Ammoneit, Robert Gögelein, Udo Brand, Norbert Krauß, managing director Klaus Lenker, Heiko Gerlinger, Stefan Mühlauer und Michael Pfob.