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Trio of experts examine highly available building systems technology


A recent symposium in Frankfurt’s Industriepark Höchst included informative presentations, numerous insights into and from the pharmaceutical industry and a program of special supporting events. The theme of the event was “Highly available building systems technology – smart solutions from practice”, and the three organisers created an extremely practical and solution-focussed agenda.

Some 100 guests accepted the invitation from the three organisers Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG, Janitza electronics GmbH and Neuberger Gebäudeautomation GmbH to attend the event on 24 September at the chemical and pharmaceutical site in the south of Frankfurt.

For the first time, the event was hosted by a trio of organisers: Infraserv Höchst is an operator of sophisticated technical infrastructures and partner for companies, predominantly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Janitza is a provider of complete solutions for network monitoring and analysis, and Neuberger is a highly qualified provider of products and solutions for building and room automation and an energy monitoring system. The successful combination of the three organisers ensured an interesting mix of interesting lectures, industry-specific insights and practical product solutions.

In the lecture theatre in the Peter Behrens Building, Michael Pfob, system coordinator for building automation at Neuberger, welcomed attendees before giving the first in a series of presentations. In his presentation on the topic of energy efficiency measures in offices and laboratories, Pfob outlined a large number of energy-saving options that can be implemented with Open.Room, the room automation system developed in-house at Neuberger. Hannes Fröhlich, business development manager at Janitza, then gave a presentation on the compliant use of energy measurement equipment, during which he demonstrated energy measurement techniques for avoiding fluctuations in electrical supply.

Andreas Goeres, head of building automation, electrical engineering and event IT at Infraserv Höchst, ensured a seamless transition to the next topic. He also picked up on the issue of energy measurement equipment and used case studies to show the measures that can be used to monitor and optimise energy consumption in buildings. Before the lunch break, Tobias Platzöder, software developer at Neuberger, gave a presentation on the ProEnergie energy management system which looked at the idea of energy management systems that use live data. Platzöder explained the multiple monitoring, visual display and evaluation options of the software developed in-house to an interested industry audience. He also used a recently completed Neuberger project to demonstrate the software’s comprehensive options for providing solutions and optimising energy use.

Gerald Fritzen, key account manager for data centers at Janitza, opened the second half of the event after lunch. He gave a talk about achieving high availability through residual current monitoring (RCM), initially explaining how to plan RCM monitoring. He then cited some practical examples, in which he showed illustrated examples of residual current monitoring of various plants. Markus Blankenberg, senior project engineer at Infraserv Höchst, was the final speaker of the day. He used practical examples to explain the different systems at management level to the audience.

The subsequent panel discussion was very popular with the guests. Chaired by Andreas Goeres, the speakers answered attendees’ questions. To conclude the event, attendees could go on a tour of a power station or a guided bus tour of Industriepark Höchst. The attendees enjoyed some technical discussions and rounded off the day in the innovation forum set up by the three organisers on the premises of the former technical administration building of life-sciences company Höchst AG.

“We were extremely pleased about the large number of attendees and registrations in the run-up to the event,” says Klaus Lenkner, Managing Director of Neuberger. “This shows that we have hit the right note and awakened the interest of our target group with the issues and the combination of organisers,” Lenkner continues happily. “As a trio of organisers, we were able to give all participants a detailed insight with plenty of examples and practical solutions. We felt this was particularly important because the smooth interaction of infrastructure, building and room automation combined with energy measurement and management options is becoming increasingly important on the market,” Lenkner concludes.

The aim of the specialist conferences that have become a fixture at Neuberger is to offer customers and interested parties a platform for sharing information and knowledge. The events are also designed to strengthen and consolidate customer relations. The overwhelmingly positive feedback suggests that the series of events will continue next year.

Picture (left): Michael Pfob from Neuberger spoke on the issue of effective energy efficiency measures in offices and laboratories. Picture (right): During the breaks, participants were able to chat at the stands set up by the three organisers.