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Multifunctional and versatile – Neuberger launches clean room indicator lights


The Middle Franconian subsidiary of Max Weishaupt GmbH is expanding its product portfolio in clean room technology. In addition to its trusted and widely used clean room terminals, Neuberger now offers its customers multifunctional clean room indicator lights. The conditions in sensitive rooms can be displayed quickly and clearly on the panels developed in-house.

The state of a room can be of fundamental importance in healthcare, research and development, and in pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities. If the state is incorrect or if the wrong action is taken due to a lack of information, it can result in the loss of entire production batches. To prevent this, Neuberger now supplies clean room indicator lights of type RL400x type series for users and operators. The panels can be used to signal room conditions and display clear text messages.

Multifunctional and versatile

Prominent signalling in red, yellow, green and blue as a continuous light and/or flashing mode are just a few of the functions of the new clean room luminaires. Room conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity and particle data, can also be output quickly and easily as clear text messages. Both the color assignment of the individual luminaires and the content of the state messages displayed can be configured freely in line with customer requirements. Depending on the application, the luminaires can be mounted and operated either inside or outside the respective room. This ensures that the system can be used flexibly in different areas.

The luminaires are fitted behind 4-mm toughened safety glass (according to EN12150), which is characterised by its increased impact and shock resistance. When the screwless glass support panels are recessed, e.g. in clean room walls, this creates a flush and ultra-hygienic surface that is easy to clean.

“The diverse functions range from simple color signalling to the output of clear text messages,” says Klaus Langer, head of sales at Neuberger. “The terminals can be fitted with a variable number of indicator lights. They can be manufactured flexibly at Neuberger depending on what our customers need them for. And, as with our automation systems, the same principle applies here: We offer an unlimited lifetime spare parts guarantee on all the products we manufacture in-house. No other company on the market does this,” Langer continues.

The RL4004 and RL4002 models are the two versions of Neuberger’s clean room indicator lights initially available as standard. The RL4004, which measures 132 mm x 348 mm x 37 mm (width x height x depth), is equipped with four luminaires whose functions can be programmed and configured independently of each other. The RL4002 (132 mm x 193 mm x 37 mm) has two lights. It is very easy to connect to an automation system. An RS485 interface currently functions as the physical communication level; Modbus RTU is used as the protocol. A connection via Ethernet/IP is in the pipeline, but currently undergoing testing.

The Neuberger RL400x clean room indicator lights at a glance:

  • Clear and prompt signalling of room conditions
  • Color signalling in red, yellow, green and blue
  • Continuous light and/or flashing mode
  • Information output of clear text messages, e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, particles etc.
  • Freely programmable and configurable clear text messages and luminaire color assignment
  • Panel size flexible in terms of the number of luminaires
  • Support plate made of toughened safety glass (EN 12150)
  • Easy to clean and hygienic due to flush mounting
  • No risk of contamination from dirt and dust
  • Alternative to elaborate ceiling installations such as light columns, flashing lights, traffic lights, etc.
  • Physical interface: RS485
  • Protocol: Modbus RTU

“After the market launch of our clean room terminals in 2016 generated high demand, particularly from our customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries, we are hoping the demand for our clean room indicator lights will be similarly great,” concludes Langer.

A one-stop source for all your needs

In addition to the new clean room indicator lights, the Rothenburg-based company supplies its customers with GMP-compliant monitoring systems, sensor equipment, clean room terminals, airlock controls and access control systems. The automation specialist’s portfolio of clean room technology services includes mapping, calibration, validation and verification.

Clean room indicator lights in focus at the LOUNGES 2022 trade show

Neuberger’s will showcase its clean room indicator lights live and in action for the first time at the LOUNGES 2022 trade show in Karlsruhe. Neuberger’s theme this year is “Clean room and building technology from a single source!”, and the company will be presenting innovative solutions for clean room technology at stand B2.5 from 17 to 19 May 2022. Neuberger will also be giving a presentation at this year’s event. Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Metzger (sales management) will speak on the topic of monitoring, room pressure control and airlock control from a single source.

Info on clean room indicator lights (PDF)

The multiple functions of Neuberger’s clean room indicator lights make them suitable for a wide range of applications including healthcare, research and development, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories.