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Designed with the future in mind.
Room automation for smart, green buildings.

The freely programmable Open.Room is the only room automation system of its kind on the market. It incorporates all room automation functions including lighting, shading, room air conditioning and media equipment.

Neuberger Open.Room is also the ideal system for Green Buildings and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) certification. It fulfils GA Efficiency Class A according to DIN EN 15232 and is compatible with room automation planning as per VDI guideline 3813 and the new VDI 3814 series of guidelines. And to cap it all, Neuberger provides a wealth of expertise in consultancy and project engineering. All from a single source.

Integrated room automation.
Exploiting synergies.

Temperature and fresh air are regulated automatically depending on air quality, room occupancy and capacity.

If the room is empty, control of room climate, lighting, shading and media equipment switches from comfort to standby mode.

On – Off – Dimming: The strength of the room lighting is based on the room occupancy and brightness.

Integration of media and conference equipment into room and building automation.

The selective, sensor-based control of the relative humidity in the room has a positive effect on comfort and health.

Controlling a room’s heating and cooling supply minimises energy demands on primary systems and maximises comfort.

Open.Room room automation system.

  • Modular and flexible

The layout and number of the various input, output and communication modules is flexible. All Open.Room modules can be interconnected. They can be removed and replaced quickly when required using a simple locking system. Operation can continue without any issues.

  • Space-saving

The compact design of the Open.Room modules enables space-saving installation and mounting on mounting rails and is ideal for use in ceiling, wall and floor distributors.

  • Simple

Wiring can be carried out easily, quickly and without tools thanks to the push-in connections. The connections are located on the front of the Open.Room modules for easy access. LEDs give a clear and concise indication of the current room automation status.

  • Automatic

If the room layout is modified, the new room allocation is created on the graphical user interface. There is no need to change the electrical and/or HVAC installations.

  • Open

The multiple communication interfaces such as DALI, SMI, KNX, EnOcean, Modbus, MQTT etc., ensure that the Open.Room room automation system is fully compatible with a variety of lighting systems, blinds and room operator units. Protocols including BACnet/IP and Modbus ensure system compatibility and a neutral data communication standard.

  • Compatible

The room automation system Open.Room is fully compatible with Neuberger’s ProGrafNT building management system. Our hardware and complete room automation system can be used in the control and regulation of complex premises such as office and administration buildings, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels and residential buildings.

  • Effective

Open.Room is the only room automation system of its kind on the market. It handles all room automation functions including lighting, shading, room air conditioning, media equipment, etc. You also have access to Neuberger’s wealth of expertise in consultancy and project engineering. Open.Room – a system from a single source, made by Neuberger.

Your main contact.

Do you use a communication protocol that isn’t listed here?

Please get in touch with our sales team. We have installed a large number of bespoke solutions in customer projects.

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