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Flexible, simple, quick and convenient room configuration.

The RoomDesigner software option gives facility managers and service providers maximum flexibility and ease of operation. You can modify the function and utilisation with a single click as the graphical user interface lets you move and combine room segments without any programming knowledge. The room layout is automatically updated in the Open.Room room automation system quickly and easily, and without modifying electrical or HVAC installations. Time-consuming and expensive rewiring is a thing of the past. Room usage can be modified effectively during operation without shutting down the system.

The details.

  • Flexible

Changes to the room layout require maximum flexibility in terms of room layout and adaptability to the modified usage. The new room automation system effortlessly provides the required flexibility thanks to its open, modular system. The visual display of the room layout uses the architectural floor plan and does not require spatial models.

  • At the click of a mouse

You can modify functions and utilisation at the click of a mouse as the flexible room layout is generated automatically using the graphical user interface.

  • Quick, simple

The modified room layout is generated automatically with no modification of electrical or HVAC installations. Time-consuming and expensive rewiring is a thing of the past.

  • Efficient

The software ensures efficiency in all aspects of operation. A high degree of adaptability increases cost-effectiveness. At the same time, operating costs are reduced and the value retention of the buildings is improved significantly.

  • Green Buildings

This status can be achieved through compliance with all functions set out in VDI 3813 or the new VDI 3814. In addition, the room automation system complies with GA Efficiency Class A according to DIN EN 15232. This automatically guarantees LEED and DGNB building certification according.

Programming made easy.

The PMC-Studio programming software is used to create the user program and parameterise the information points. The tool makes use of extensive libraries with function modules. The programs for the various lighting, blind control, room air conditioning functions etc. are created in no time and stored in the room’s programmable logic controller. You can use the interface to choose whether to display the program in graphic or text mode. Graphic mode is for fast, efficient work while text mode is for programming specific customer requirements.

The details.

  • Based on modern programming standards
  • Simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Automatic or manual setup of the I/O configuration
  • Programming with function blocks based on IEC 61131 or in the high-level language C++
  • Online display of the current values of all inputs and outputs
  • Variable and flexible input of special functions, both graphically or in high-level language
  • Program transferred to the programmable logic controller by download via USB interface, network connection or remotely via web portal
  • Full BACnet compatibility
  • Overlay function for all actual values at the function modules simplifies commissioning
  • Graphic and/or text-based programming
  • Result: Maximum performance

Your main contact.

Are you interested in RoomDesigner and/or PMC_Studio?

Please get in touch with our sales team. We have installed a large number of bespoke solutions in customer projects.

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